Maryland says: Don’t let corporations buy our elections!

Democracy in America and Maryland is being corrupted by big moneyed interests. We citizens of Maryland demand that the leaders of the Maryland legislature allow a floor vote in the Maryland State Senate and House of Delegates on the Democracy Amendment to reduce the corrupting influence of big money in elections.

Legislative leaders should help create a more level political playing field for all Americans, rich and poor, by allowing a floor vote in the Maryland General Assembly on the Democracy Amendment. 
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The 30th Annual Peace, Justice, & Environment Conference

Coordination and Cooperation for Action to Achieve Peace and Social Justice

Friday, May 1, 2015
Saturday, May 2, 2015
Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church
Catonsville, MD

Sponsored by:
Maryland United for Peace and Justice / Institute for Positive Action

443-418-5479 (c-Paulette)
301-390-9684 (h-Tony)